About us

When my two girls were young, I was blessed to be a stay at-home mom. As they grew, and became school-age, I found a little boutique to work in for some extra side cash. It felt nice to have something to call my own, separate from my household, mommy, and wife duties.
Can anyone relate?
Eventually, I was in a spot where I had to make it on my own. So, I went back to school, and found a wonderful job in the medical field. I stayed in that field for a long time, but the stress was really weighing me down. We moved to Central Oregon so that I could be a practice manager here in town, but it just didn't feel right. I knew there was something different that I needed to be doing with my time. That's when I decided to open up Pretty Moments Lingerie with the encouragement and
support of my Fiancee, Brad.
I'm absolutely passionate about helping women feel beautiful in their own skin. When a woman feels beautiful, a light shines within her, and she comes alive! That's why I opened up Pretty Moments Lingerie. I didn't want our shop to be like a department store. I wanted women to come into our
boutique and feel lavished.
So often we purchase the wrong size, shape, or fit because we just haven't been fitted properly. I (Belinda) am a certified mastectomy fitter (yes, that's a thing!) We are also currently the only shop in the area who sells luxury maternity bras. There is literally something for every shape and
size in our elegant boutique.
Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. Whether you can visibly see your undergarments or not, knowing that they are beautiful makes a woman more confident. Come to Pretty Moments Lingerie, and make every moment a pretty moment.